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Get that glow…

Want to look your best for your next big event?  We offer the BEST spray tans in Brisbane.  With a massive range of tans to suit every skin tone, we can assure you we have you covered.  From a natural glow to a super dark tan that looks like you’ve been holidaying on the Amalfi Coast for 4 weeks.  

We know how scary it can be getting a spray tan so we endeavour to make every single client feel as comfortable as possible.  We specialise in making everyone feel beautiful and confident.

Before Your Appointment

  • Hair removal should be done at least 24 hours prior to your appointment to allow your pores to close to avoid the tan getting caught in them and producing dark spots.
  • Exfoliate at least 8 hours before. Spray tan is applied to the very outer layer of your skin.  If you have excessive amounts of dead skin cells, the tan will turn out patchy and uneven, and it will also affect the length of your tan.
  • Shower before your appointment!! It is really important that you remove all sweat, lotions, moisturises and deodorants from the skin. These can stop the tan from absorbing evenly.  Your skin should be free from any products that could interfere with the spray tan.
  • Stop using retinoids & hydroxy acids 24 hours before your appointment. These will cause your tan to fade more quickly
  • To enhance your spray tan, you can use our prep pH balancing spray. This ensures your skin is at an optimal pH level to help absorb the tan and last longer.
  • Try to avoid tight clothing before your tan. These can leave marks on your body and the tan can sometimes hold in these areas.

What to expect

At your appointment we will confirm with you the result you are wanting to achieve and select the perfect tan for you.  We provide each client with disposable g-strings and hair nets, although you can wear whatever you feel comfortable with.  

Your appointment will take no longer than 15 minutes including prep, spraying, drying and aftercare instructions.

If you suffer from any type of skin condition such as Eczema, Psoriasis or Dermatitis, we recommend our clients add on the “pH Prep Spray”.  This helps create a good base on your skin for your tan to be applied.

You can also add our “Post Tan Drying Powder” to your appointment.  This is a setting powder that we apply to the skin directly after your spray tan.  It helps reduce the sticky feeling you get after a spray tan and helps the tan develop more evenly.

After your appointment

  • Relax and DO NOT GET WET!!! Try to avoid sweating or anything that will risk the end result of your tan.
  • Wear loose clothing. Nothing with tight straps or restrictive bands, these will rub against the tan causing it to come off in certain areas. 
  • When it’s time to rinse off only use luke warm water and no soaps or loafers. It’s extremely important that you remove all the bronzer from the skin as it can result in streaks through your tan.  Once the water runs clear, you can pat dry with a towel, DON’T RUB.
  • Avoid using oils, scrubs, hot showers and sweating.
  • HYDRATE!!! Drinking plenty of water and moisturising (natural or organic moisturisers) will hydrate the skin and prolong the life of your tan. We also have Tan Extender available for purchase.
  • Avoid tight clothing for the first few days as this can wear the tan away.

VIP Annual Memberships

If you love getting frequent spray tans then this option is perfect for you!  Save big $$$ For a $50 yearly membership, this option entitles you to our 2 Hour Express Tans for only $25 instead of $35.  You only need to book in for 5 appointments to make your money back.  Simply purchase the annual membership online, then to make your future appointments you can find the membership tan option under “VIP Tanning Memberships”.

Spray Tan Packages


10 Pre Paid Spray Tans $280 – Choose from 2 Hour Express Tan Range

5 Pre Paid Spray Tans $150 – Choose from 2 Hour Express Tan Range


Its usually best to tan 24-48 hours prior to your event.  This gives the tan enough time to develop and looks its absolute best for your special event.

EXFOLIATE!! You will need to scrub off your old tan completely to ensure that your new tan is perfect and flawless. Exfoliating mits are great, as well as massaging coconut or baby oil into the skin, letting it sit for 10 minutes and then exfoliating.  We also have ‘Tan Remover’ products available for purchase.

If you suffer from sensitive skin, please speak to one of our staff members and we will be happy to advise the best tan options for you and your skin. All of our tans are Paraben Free and Vegan Friendly.  And recommend getting a patch test prior to your appointment

We’ve found that many women are happy to have spray tans during pregnancy. However, we always recommend SEEKING PERMISSION FROM YOUR DOCTOR first, if you are feeling unsure.  Whilst DHA is safe to use on the skin, some doctors are concerned that during a spray tan when pregnant, you might accidentally inhale the DHA or chemicals. The effects of this are as yet unknown.  

You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in.  We do offer complimentary gstrings and hair nets.  Some clients prefer to wear their own underwear and some prefer to go naked.  The choice is yours.

We recommend wearing loose, dark clothing.  Something that is easy to put on and not restrictive.  Avoid anything that is tight, or spaghetti straps as these can rub the tan off. 

We tan everyone here at Brisbane Tans & Beauty.  All we ask is that you are respectful to our staff members

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Unsure what tan to choose?  Give us a call on 0491 611 052 or contact us via our Facebook or Instagram page and we will be happy to help. 
Alternatively, you can choose any tan online and only pay the minimum deposit and we can determine your perfect tan on arrival.