Body Waxing

Are you after beautiful, smooth skin?  Put down the razor and book your next body waxing appointment with us at Brisbane Tans & Beauty.  Using premium waxing products and unique techniques, we will ensure you have the most seemless waxing experience you’ve ever had.

How to prepare for your appointment

  • Gently exfoliate leading up to your appointment day
  • Hair should be around 1/4 inch long, so no shaving
  • Shower prior to your appointment
  • Avoid any products on the skin before your appointment, including moisturisers, deodorants and tanning products
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing

Post Treatment

    • Avoid heat. No tanning, hot tubs, saunas for 48 hours after your appointment
    • Avoid exercising for 2 hours after
    • Apply cold compress to smooth the skin if you experience sensitivity or skin irritation
    • Gently exfoliate daily from 48 hours after your treatment
    • Moisturise daily
    • Book regular appointments every 4 weeks